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Introducing AD-Gen, the innovative app that transforms ordinary boxes into powerful advertising tools.

Why Choose AD-Gen?

  • Cost-Effective: Reach your audience with an unbeatable rate of $1 Ads per box.
  • Easy to Use: Design and launch your campaigns effortlessly with our user-friendly interface.
  • Interactive: Engage customers with QR codes that link to your promotions, websites, or social media.
  • Drive Clicks & Impressions: With the QR code, watch as traffic increase on your website
  • Wide Reach: Maximize exposure as your branded boxes circulate nationwide. (We ship tens of thousands of boxes each month)
  • Extra Exposure: When you create campaign with Ad-Gen you get featured in out digital magazine & your Ad get placed on our digital coupon page, driving more clicks to your brand / website.

How It Works

Design Your Ad

Use our intuitive design tools to create your advertisement.

Generate QR Codes

Easily create QR codes (in-App)hat direct to your chosen content.


We distribute tens of thousands of boxes across the United States every month. Your ad will be prominently displayed on our boxes, reaching consumers directly. Currently, our distribution covers all US states. For more localized marketing options, please contact us to discuss tailored solutions. Reach out via email at apatoka@packeze.com or through the FAQ page.


Monitor your campaign via dashboard, how many scans, click to webpage and other demographic information

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